• Unique philosophy

  • Personalized curriculum

  • Calming environment

  • Small classes

  • Involved families

  • Breastfeeding friendly


Why LSA?



At LSA, we believe our philosophy and our school is the perfect learning environment for every child. However, our philosophy and our school  is not perfect for every parent.

The programs at Little Scholars Academy of Lake Norman are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. This unique approach to education offers an environment geared towards the child and holds an image of children as being strong, powerful, rich in potential, and integral members of the community. Children should be treated with the same respect as adults - honoring their choices and inspirations. We believe this approach allows your child to reach maximum potential, nourishing their curiosities and inquiring minds, and guides them in growing respect for their own self and the world around them.

At LSA, we believe children should be active participants in their own education. The curiosity of children makes them question and research the reasons for all that surrounds them. Children are driven by the power of wanting to grow, and nurtured by adults who take this drive towards growth seriously. The teachers are viewed as co-learners, observing, facilitating, deepening, and reporting children’s explorations.

At LSA, we believe childhood is about exploration and discovery. Children are given ample time and space to think, explore, create, and make connections on their own time. Children learn to make independent choices as well as how to be members of a community. With young children, time is almost suspended, so our schedule is fluid and elastic. Materials are left out at the end of each day in case children need several days to complete their projects. Teachers do not push to finish a project or conversation, but plan to finish tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next week. 

Our mission at Little Scholars Academy of Lake Norman is to provide a welcoming, nurturing, homelike environment to inspire children who are active participators in their own learning. 

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